Dario Caffè


Gluten-free, but with taste!

More and more diners are looking for gluten-free options on restaurant menus, with consumers becoming increasingly aware of gluten intolerance and allergies. There is no doubt that today and into the future the pastry industry must include gluten-free options that do not sacrifice quality, taste or texture. For this reason, […]

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Dario Caffè’s Christmas Menu

The holidays are just around the corner and at Dario Caffè, we can’t wait to introduce you to the most classic and delicious recipes for a traditional Italian Christmas lunch. Thanks to the mastery of our chefs everyone is able to taste the rich and enticing dishes of this holiday menu. Any self-respecting Christmas lunch always […]

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Recharge yourself with Dario Caffè

This period was tuff for everyone, that’s why it’s not always easy to find the energy to face the day in the best way. Fortunately, in Dario Caffè you can find many dishes created with ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals that will give you the energy to face the day ahead. If you want to […]

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Dario Caffè’s best coffee

Coffee is always a good idea. You can savor its aroma to the fullest in a classic espresso or you can use it to enhance a simple gelato bowl thanks to its rich flavor. Flip through our Dario Caffè menu to find your favorite version of coffee. To start, we suggest you try our Bella […]

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Pizza Around The World!

Flour, water yeast and a touch of salt are the ingredients used to create one of the most loved foods in the world – pizza! This popular treat, a symbol of Italian cuisine, is extremely versatile. Interpretations of pizza can be found around the globe. The United States has many […]

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