Dario Caffè

Dicembre 15, 2020

Dario Caffè’s best coffee

Coffee is always a good idea. You can savor its aroma to the fullest in a classic espresso or you can use it to enhance a simple gelato bowl thanks to its rich flavor. Flip through our Dario Caffè menu to find your favorite version of coffee.

To start, we suggest you try our Bella Venezia espresso made with Dario Caffè’s special blend made with Brazilian and Central America Arabica beans, characterized by a cocoa and caramel note, and with a small percentage of Indian-washed Robusta beans, which provide a full-body and thick top foam to the finished product. A hot beverage with amazing flavor, scent and invigorating properties. It’s perfect as a sweet awakening to your morning or can be enjoyed after lunch to end your meal on high.

If, in the morning, you are always in a rush and the only way to wake up is with a cup of American Coffee while commuting to work, come to Dario Caffè to get your daily dose of caffeine.  American Coffee has a delicate aroma and flavor. This drink will help you begin the working day with the right start.

Dario Caffè’s Coffee Cremosa allows you to enjoy the scent and flavor of roasted coffee beans in a cool and velvety way. Coffee Cremosa is a cold and creamy beverage tasting of the best quality espresso. It’s the ideal drink for coffee lovers who want to their coffee in a delicious treat that can be enjoyed on even the hottest of days.

Conclude the day dedicated to this famous beverage with a Coffee Affogato – vanilla gelato doused with a shot of Dario Caffè espresso. The creaminess of gelato paired with the strong and toasty flavor or coffee is a simple dessert that coffee lovers will adore thanks to the floral aftertaste and the bitter cocoa note that make unique the Dario Caffè’s coffee.

We can’t wait for you to try all of our versions of coffee.