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Dario offers a selection of more than 40 Italian Gelato flavors made with the highest quality ingredients that can be enjoyed while sipping our signature aromatic coffee blend. The Dario menu includes a wide selection of savory dishes. Featured on this menu is our iconic PanDiDario – a specific type of pizza that originated in Sicily and then spread across Italy until reaching the Lake Garda area – as well as the vast array of pasta dishes that are made with only the best ingredients.

Be sure to try our deliciously sweet treats and refreshing drinks to compliment any meal.

Italian Artisan Gelato

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Pizza PanDiDario

Coffee & Drinks

Bakery & Desserts

Fresh Pasta

artisan gelato

Discover our unique gelato flavors made with the highest quality ingredients. We have a flavor for everyone to love. You can enjoy the traditional Italian flavors such as Tiramisu and Stracciatella. Or, you can try the many fresh fruit flavors that vary according to the season. At Dario there will always be just the right gelato for you!

soft gelato

Our velvety soft gelato is not to be missed. You will enjoy the delicate flavor of our silky gelato topped with fruit sauces, chocolate fudge, crumbles and countless other tasty and colorful toppings.

bakery & desserts

At Dario you can taste some of the classic Italian desserts, such as Tiramisù and Pannacotta as well as many other enticing sweet treats.

coffee & drinks

Here at Dario, you can experience the authentic aroma and flavor of Italian espresso and also enjoy refreshing Easy Drinks, cocktails, smoothies and milkshakes

pizza pandidario

In Italy we take the pizza tradition very seriously. At Dario we have created our own specialty: the PanDiDario. This pizza is very light, crispy and sumptuous to your taste buds. The PanDiDario dough is made with a select blend of grains and is leavened from 36 to 48 hours. Such a long rising time and the exclusive use of natural ingredients make PanDiDario extremely digestible, healthy and light. Be sure to try this unique style of pizza that originated in Sicily and whose popularity spread to central Italy and in Lake Garda bakeries.

fresh pasta

You can choose Spaghetti, Fusilli, Linguine and many other pastas from our menu. Our pasta dough is extruded through bronze dies that create a rough texture to the surface of the paste. This rough texture grips our delicious sauces perfectly. Come and discover the great classic pasta dishes, our seasonal pasta recipes and other delectable pasta combinations.