Dario Caffè

Caffè & Gelato Italiano

about dario

The concept of Dario derived from Dario Rabboni, a talented manager with a vocation for international trade and a deep connection to the products of the “Food Valley”, a region in his native Italy, which has become a main destination for gourmands all around the world.

The Italian lounge of taste.

For Italians coffee is not just a beverage it is a ritual.


We start in the morning with a cup of espresso and then continue to drink it throughout the day with others as a respite for socialization.


At Dario Caffe we want to bring this inviting custom around the world together with the culture of Italian gelato and cuisine.

Italian gastronomic culture.

We provide only the best gelato, pizza and focaccia freshly made every day.
We select authentic Italian ingredients to create traditional recipes and use the best equipment to guarantee an excellent final product so you can enjoy the unique flavors of the Italian cuisine.

Truly Italian ingredients, recipes and chefs.

We use ingredients coming from the famed Italian Food Valley.

We develop new recipes inspired by the classic flavors of Italian cuisine.

Our chefs treat the raw ingredients with respect to enhance the dishes included on our menu.

The friendly intimate Italian atmosphere, right to your doorstep.

We want our coffee lounge to be the perfect choice for everyone to share moments of conviviality with friends and family or be the place for a business meeting or for you to simply relax.

Reading areas, comfy sofas, table seating and WI-FI are provided to let you create your perfect experience while enjoying the unique service and atmosphere at Dario.

Italian style service.

The atmosphere is as important as the food.


For this reason, at Dario, we have designed our lounge to re-create the unique Italian style that is well known around the world.


In our cafes you can enjoy a meal on our upper floor or choose to dine on the ground floor next to one of the bright windows.


We have created a welcoming space where you can experience the best of Italian delicacies.