Dario Caffè

Marzo 25, 2022

Spring has arrived at Dario

Nature is awakening and starting to colour the cities, bringing its fresh scents inside the Dario premises. Would you like to discover our proposals for this season that is full of life? Read on.


The gelato counter is filled with colours thanks to our selection of fruit flavours. Strawberry, melon, berries… These are just some of the delicious fruits that you can order the next time you visit us and that you can use to create your own colorful cup.

For those who prefer creamy freshness, there are plenty of yogurt flavours to satisfy them. Thei genuine yogurt flavour is enchanting with our lemon sauce, rich in the zest of this citrus fruit, symbolizing the towns on the Amalfi Coast which have been skillfully using this fruit for centuries to make delicious desserts. If, on the other hand, you prefer the taste of berries typical of the Alpine mountains, ask to enrich your yogurt with our elegant lingonberry sauce which is characterised by a bright red colour and a slight bitter note that goes well with the sweetness of yogurt.

Finally, enjoy the sunshine and breezy air of this season on our dehors while sipping one of our Frappes. Strawberry, yogurt, chocolate and more! Choose your favourite flavour and take a moment to relax while you enjoy a delicious frappé sitting in our outdoor areas.

We are looking forward to experiencing Spring with you!