Dario Caffè

Marzo 9, 2022

Dario’s Creamy Yoghurt Delicacies

The delicate taste of milk and its creamy consistency make yoghurt one of the most loved foods in the world, and can be enjoyed on its own or together with tasty sauces or fruit. At Dario you will find the unique taste of yoghurt in the artisanal or soft gelato version that you can enrich with our inviting sauces.

If you are a lover of the genuine taste of yoghurt, we recommend you try our gelato. Thanks to its fresh milk flavour, it is the gelato that always deserves a place of honour in your cone or cup, because it is perfect to refresh the palate after a spoonful of chocolate or hazelnut gelato, but also excellent to accompany strawberry gelato to create a combination most loved by children.

If you prefer soft yoghurt to traditional gelato, at Dario you can have fun choosing your favourite sauces and decorations from our well-stocked counters. Fruit lovers can decorate the soft yoghurt with passion fruit, strawberry, raspberry and other sauces, while those with a sweet tooth will have fun with chocolate, biscuit or other delicious flavours.

Finally, if yoghurt is your passion and you’d eat it all day long, we offer a fresh breakfast of yoghurt gelato, honey and crunchy cereal and cocoa bean crumble. A breakfast like this will give you the energy for the whole day.

Dario’s yoghurt is waiting for you!