Dario Caffè

Dicembre 10, 2021

Beverages that warm the heart

With the change of season and the arrival of cold weather, who doesn’t feel like sitting down in a cozy place with a warm and tasty drink? At Dario Caffè you can find what you are looking for in a warm atmosphere thanks to the rich proposal of hot drinks on the menu, ideal at any time of the day!

If you want to start the morning with the right charge, you can’t miss our intense Bella Venezia coffee, a blend of Arabica coffees that stands out for its fragrant notes of caramel and cocoa. The arabica quality is known to be the most valuable one compared to robusta and covers about 70% of coffee production worldwide. Arabica originated in Ethiopia and cultivated for the first time in Yemen. Today it grows in heights up to 2400m above sea level, making cultivation more difficult. Arabica is a delicate species that requires a set of climatic conditions, favoring its growth and a processing treatment which requires more attention. These set of factors make Arabica bean more valuable, thanks to the taste of coffee in the cup which is aromatic, delicate and pleasantly acidic. A quality experience to the final consumer who chooses it.

The Robusta variant is the second most common species in the world, discovered in the XVIII century in Congo. Its name is not by chance but the result of a coffee bean that resists diseases and parasites, easily adapts to climatic conditions and grows in heights not exceeding 800 m above sea level. Easy to grow, Robusta contains twice as much caffeine as Arabica and for this reason the coffee in the cup is less aromatic and much more bitter and strong.

At Dario Caffè you can try the best coffee note also in the cappuccino that you can find it in the classic version with a delicious thick froth or you can try the flavored versions that you can customize as you like, such as with a delicious note of hazelnut or chocolate.

To warm up in sweetness, however, there is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate, to be enjoyed calmly and in total relaxation. The extra delicious touch? The addition of whipped cream and meringues!

To face the coldest days, you can always opt for a flavour tea with citrus fruits and seasonal fruits, available in several flavors to accompany one of our sweet delights on the menu! What are you waiting for? Come and warm up at Dario Caffè, we are waiting for you!