Dario Caffè

Novembre 17, 2021

The tasty soups of Dario

A warm and fragrant novelty is about to arrive at Dario! We are talking about four delicious soups with a unique creaminess and fragrance that will warm you up with their genuine taste.  

The first soup takes you to the mountain forests of the Italian Apennines, where the tastiest mushrooms are gathered and used to create soups with an intense taste and unmistakable scent like the one you can taste at Dario.

Another flavour available to taste in our restaurants is that of the best asparagus, an extraordinary vegetable rich in vitamins and mineral salts with a unique flavour that will warm you up with pleasure.

A classic taste that could not be missing from our menu is potato soup. A real comfort food with a pleasant creaminess that will make your lunches even more delicious.

Finally, we have our coconut and curry soup, the perfect choice for those who love spices and tropical flavours. This warm dish has all the aromas of the most fragrant spices and is sweetened with coconut milk, creating a sublime combination of flavours.

We look forward to warming you up with our soups!