Dario Caffè

Settembre 28, 2021

Children’s special: many dishes for the young customers of Dario!

At Dario we love to welcome children who bring joy to the restaurant and we have created many dishes that will excite them!

One of the most popular foods for Italian children is undoubtedly Pasta al Pomodoro (pasta with tomato sauce), and at Dario we want to offer this simple but delicious dish to our young customers all over the world. Our tomato sauce contains all the fragrance of ripe tomatoes, to which basil and oregano are added to enhance the flavour. Once the sauce is ready, our chefs use it to season our pasta, which has a rough surface that holds the sauce in place and ensures every bite is unforgettable.

Another irresistible dish dedicated to our young customers is the Pizza Margherita: a soft dough with a crispy crust that holds a delicate tomato sauce and slices of mozzarella to create the world’s most famous pizza, and a favourite for the children who come to Dario. This pizza takes its name from Queen Margherita of Savoia, who tasted this version during her visit to Naples in 1889 and won her over at the first taste both for the goodness of the ingredients and their colour, reminiscent of the Italian flag.

For dessert, children are spoilt for choice at Dario, and we love it when they enchantedly stare at our gelato display case, as they carefully choose which flavours to put in their cup.

The most popular are strawberry, chocolate and fiordilatte, but curious children often choose flavours such as our blue Unicorn with its exquisite vanilla flavour.

Finally, we have a recipe for children who love milkshakes: a tasty chocolate hazelnut milkshake decorated with a cloud of whipped cream and a crunchy biscuit crumble. They love it!

Are your kids looking forward to visiting us? We are waiting for you at Dario with our menu dedicated to them.