Dario Caffè

Settembre 8, 2021

Cool down with Dario Caffè

Looking for a way to cool down from these late summer days? Don’t worry, come to Dario Caffè to try the tastiest way to beat the heat.

Are you looking for something to quench your thirst, but a classic glass of water isn’t enough? Ask our bartender to add some fruit syrup to your glass of sparkling water to create a simple but refreshing drink that’s also suitable for children!  To make this treat even more special, try adding a scoop of fruit or vanilla gelato, to create a super snack.

Gelato lovers prefer to brighten up their summer breaks with our delicious Affogato, which combines the creaminess of good artisanal gelato with tasty sauces of chocolate, caramel, wild berries or a cup of espresso coffee creating an irresistible dessert, made with two of the most loved products of Italian cuisine.

Finally, if you’re not only thirsty, but also feel a bit peckish, you can order the gelato dessert that is served in all Italian gelato parlours and also at Dario Caffè: the Mangia e Bevi Cup (Eat and Drink). Perfect for sharing, this delicious sundae that combines gelato and fruit, is perfect for hot summer afternoons or as a light dinner.

Ready to lower the temperature with sweetness? We are waiting for you at Dario Caffè.