Dario Caffè

Aprile 28, 2021

From the Food Valley to the whole world

Dario Caffè has its roots in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, in Reggio nell’Emilia to be precise.

This territory identifies all the territories of Emilia Romagna, embracing also the province of Mantua, an area where many recipes of the Italian cuisine were born to enhance the high quality raw materials of which this territory is rich.

To underline the strong link with our land of origin, in our menu you can find many recipes that take inspiration from some of the most typical dishes of the culinary tradition of this area, such as “Pisarei e fasò” from Piacenza (flour and bread dumpling with beans). A delicious dish made with simple, but tasty ingredients.

In the bakeries of Reggio Emilia and Parma, you can find many delicacies, such as a thousand types of bread and the typical baked gnocco, which at Dario you can taste in our crunchy version. Thanks to its long leavening process, it is light and delicious as it is, or simply enriched with rosemary, or in its most decadent version filled with fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

Typical of the city of Bologna, Lasagne are the ultimate expression of the Emilian cuisine thanks to their mouth-watering meat sauce, ragù.

At Dario, to suit everyone’s taste, you’ll find the most authentic lasagne with a Bolognese veal sauce or a vegetarian version with a fresh vegetable ragù.

To enjoy a tasty snack, you just have to stop in Romagna, thanks to a fragrant and irresistible piadina stuffed with creamy Squacquerone cheese, rocket and tomatoes that pays homage to the flavours and gastronomic tradition of the Romagna Riviera.

After every meal, a dessert is always a good idea! A great delicacy from Mantua is the “sbrisolona cake” (crumbly cake), which is perfect to be accompanied with a creamy gelato that is always present in the Dario shops.

Another typical dessert that can be found throughout Emilia and is also very popular in the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna is the famous zuppa inglese (dessert layering custard and sponge cake), which will surprise you with its creaminess and the bright colour given by the alchermes.

Find your nearest Dario and enjoy a little piece of Food Valley wherever you are.