Dario Caffè

Aprile 8, 2021

The perfect waffle at Dario Caffè

Today we celebrate the wonderful international variations of this well-loved treat. Sweet or savory? Big or small? Thick or thin? Waffles are delectable any way they come. Uncover the various ways waffles are enjoyed throughout the globe and discover Dario’s irresistible version: Bubble Waffles.

Around the world, waffles take on different names and are served in a variety of ways and with diverse accompaniments. For instance, in Brussels, waffles are called, Guafre. This version of waffle is not too sweet and is usually served with custard, seasonal fruit and whipped cream.  

Italy has its own versions of waffles – Piedmontese Grofi and Ferratelle Abruzzesi. The savory Piedmontese Grofi are stuffed with ham and cheese. The popular Ferratelle Abruzzesi, which originated in Central Italy, are characterized by a strong anise flavor.

Crossing to America, waffles are most commonly eaten for breakfast topped with butter and maple syrup and accompanied by eggs and bacon. Americans also love waffles for lunch or dinner topped with fried chicken and various sweet or savory syrups.

In Asia we find the most unique waffle – Pandan waffles. This Vietnamese waffle is characterized by its green color. They are prepared with coconut milk and pulp made from the leaves of a Pandanus plant. This aromatic plant creates one of the most popular flavors in Asia due to it’s versatility – much like other cultures use vanilla.

At Dario Caffè we have our own sweet version to enjoy for dessert – Bubble Waffles! These waffles are soft and characterized by fluffy “bubbles”. While still warm off the bubble waffle iron, they are rolled into cones then filled will delectable creams, artisan gelato and garnished with your choice of fresh fruit and delicious toppings. There are enumerable flavor combinations you can enjoy. Thanks their exceptional eye appeal, our Bubble Waffles have become very popular on social media because they look beautiful but, above all, they are yummy to eat.