Dario Caffè

Marzo 26, 2021

Spring has blossomed at Dario Caffè

Nature is blossoming and filling the landscape with bright colors and sweet floral fragrances. These sights and smells herald the beginning of a season full of joy, growth and juicy fruits. Fruit becomes the star of the Dario menu where it is exalted in a thousand delicious ways you will not want to miss.

To celebrate this period of new life, we recommend you try a refreshing and regenerating mocktail with the tangy flavor of mango enriched with orange juice and a squeeze of lemon to further enhance the zingy taste of this tropical beverage.

Once you have sipped this drink, stop by our gelato parlor and let yourself be inspired by the many different fruit-flavored gelatos our gelato makers have created for you. The sweet and delicate strawberry gelato is always a must and one of the most popular flavors on our gelato menu. Tropical fruit lovers can enjoy their favorite flavors too – choose from our passion fruit, pineapple or mango gelato. Fans of lemon will not be left without their favorite flavor either.

Finally, if after enjoying your favorite fruit gelato and you still have room for dessert; ask for a slice of our forest berry cheesecake. Our pastry chefs know how to bring out the sweetness of fresh blackberries, raspberries, currants and blueberries to the fullest. This mixture of berries create an unforgettably delicious topping that, combined with the crunchy cookie crust and creamy filling make a colorful dessert to enjoy all season.

Come join us at Dario Caffè to discover all of our fruit-based recipes and more!