Dario Caffè

Febbraio 11, 2021

Date night at Dario Caffè

Looking for a place to take your soulmate to celebrate an important event and treat them to a special and tasteful evening? Take them to Dario Caffè to enjoy a menu of delicious dishes that will make your romantic date unique.

If you are a couple who cannot resist pizza and love the harmony that tomato and mozzarella create together, order our PanDiDario™ Bufala to experience an even more intense taste of fresh cream and a depth of flavor this special cheese adds to your pizza. We suggest you share this pizza with your partner as an appetizer and then move on to a refined and delicate pasta dish as your main course.

As a main dish try our spaghetti with shrimp which is served with a flavorful cream sauce. These ingredients together create a succulent dish that is perfect for enjoying by candlelight while sipping a fresh fruit mocktail. Fish lovers, in particular, will fall in love with this dish.

A romantic dinner can only end with a decadent chocolate dessert – an aphrodisiac food par excellence. Share our chocolate and raspberry mousse for a pleasant contrast of flavors and colors. The bright red of the raspberry gives life to the dish and its acidity provided freshness to the deep chocolate flavor.

If the mousse is not enough for you, try our vibrant and elegant macarons. These traditional French sweets will enchant you with their almond flavor and pastel colors. In addition, they can be the perfect token to preserve the memory of a special evening at Dario Caffè.