Why Dario Caffè

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    No food & Drink expertise required

    You do not need any previous food and drink experience.
    We support you in the entire process from the initial stage throughout the store’s lifetime.
    Our professional experienced team will support you with dedicated legal, admin- istrative design and marketing expertise. The background of all our directors is based on a speci c franchising experience and a network of more than 60 shops during recent years.

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    Complete support in one package!

    We take care of everything from the concept of stylish Italian design to the delicious Italian menu.
    1) Interior design, 2) laboratory optimisation, 3)Italian original equipment supply, 4) all-natural Italian ingredients, 5) Italian chef’s cooking training, 6) marketing cam- paign.

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    Sincere Italian quality

    At Dario, we are inspired by the passion for sincere Italian quality in both food and style. With Dario you can offer the distinction of healthy authentic Italian ingredients and recipes sourced from their birthplace and world-leading manufacturer.

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    The key, regardless of your country and business background, is to be exible!
    At Dario, we are able to adapt the project, menu and merchandising according to your marketplace.

We Design a Unique Sensory Experience


We Design a Unique Sensory Experience Each Dario lounge combines scents, lighting, intimate decoration and design to provide guests with an unforgettable sensory experience. We pay thorough attention both to the interior design and the way you display our Italian delicacies. A path that starts when you enter and takes in the scent of freshly ground coffee beans

We train your team with an Italian Chef cooking school at your site

There will be a training during the initial stage held at your site, prior to the lounge opening, to allow you time to practice the best methods of cooking procedures. The training is created specifically by our Italian chefs to make both preparation and your professional life easier. You will also be provided instructional and operational manuals.

Dario is easy to manage!

Our chef and team of experts have created ideal recipes, cooking methods and daily procedures to make your work day easier. The outstanding quality of natural healthy ingredients will take care of the rest!


No surprise or hidden costs


We advise the project and complete it, while a team of administrative, legal and marketing consultants follow the launch of the new Dario lounge.

Once you complete the form and get in touch with us, our design, marketing and sales department are in touch with you to get all the necesary information to create the real feasability plan including both the interior design and the machine layout of your laboratoty. This will put you in the position to achieve a prelimianray business plan and the investment required on the basis of the location you have chosen.

We do handle the project and support you during the running of your activity in the most flexible and transparent way. We shall let you spend exactly what has been budgeted. Take the first step towards your new business: fill in the investor form and let us know more about you and your undertaking.

Advertising and Promotion


You shall receive the support of a professional marketing team providing you with visual and copy strategy.
We will provide the identity guidelines as well as suggestions that are relevant to promotion, pricing, as well as web visibility.

Interested in opening a Dario Caffè?

Your own start-up checklist!

  • You conduct a personal evaluation of your marketplace.
  • You choose the physical location and send us the floor plan for our approval.
  • We tailor design the project asccording to our image identity taking care of every detail of the interiors.
  • We create the optimal layout and “consumer path” to provide for an optimal customer experience in your lounge;
  • We supply the best Italian equipment and all the other tools you will need to optimize your space and your work day.
  • We give you dedicated administrative, legal, and marketing consultancy.
  • We train you and your team on site with Italian chefs and gelato artisans to teach you how to be your best.
  • We supply excellent, healthy, iconic Italian ingredients throughout the seasons.